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uttrakhand.co.in is dedicated to celebrating Uttarakhand’s diverse musical heritage, connecting music lovers with the region’s vibrant rhythms and traditional tunes.

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SONG BY – Jitendra Tomkyal
ARTIST – Tushar Arya And Aaru Tamta
GENRE – Kumaoni Song
MUSIC BY – Shailu


SONG BY – Mahesh Kumar And Deepa Pant
ARTIST – Tushar Arya And Bhawna Kandpal
GENRE – Kumaoni Song
MUSIC BY – Rohit Bhandari


SONG BY – Anurag Kant And Sanjana Arya
ARTIST – Tushar Arya And Monica Manola
GENRE – Kumaoni Song
MUSIC BY – Dj A Virus


  • Uttrakhand music is a soulful journey through the mystical mountains and serene valleys of the Himalayas. Its melodious tunes resonate with the rhythm of nature, echoing the stories of its people and their deep-rooted traditions. Listening to Uttrakhandi melodies is like embarking on a musical pilgrimage, where each note carries the essence of the region’s rich cultural heritage.
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